K-25 Survivor Stories


"I would certainly encourage everyone to take advantage of this medical screening program. My beryllium sensitivity was diagnosed and I have qualified for free Federal medical monitoring. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program."

Edgar Graham


“Without the Worker Health Protection Program, my lung cancer would not have been found until it was too far advanced. A lung specialist had assured me that I did not have a problem. Then I went through the lung cancer screening where the CT scan revealed a lung nodule that turned out to be an early lung cancer. No doubt about it, if it hadn't been for the screening program, I wouldn't be here now!”

Christopher H. Brown
K25 GDP, Maintenance Mechanic, 1970–2000


“I had my WHPP physical exam in April 2003 but nothing showed on the x-ray. Then I went to the mobile unit for my first CT in July 2004. I needed a follow-up scan which was done 3-4 weeks later. After this scan, I received a call from Queen's College advising me to see a lung specialist. A PET scan confirmed that there was a carcinogenic nodule in my left lung, hidden behind my heart. It was successfully surgically removed and followed-up with chemo-therapy. If it hadn't been for the CT scan, my cancer would not have been discovered until it was too late. By the time I had developed symptoms, it would have spread throughout my body. I am deeply appreciative of the entire WHPP staff for saving my life."

Arthur G. Hensley
K25 GDP, Chemical Operator, 1953–1958


"I am very grateful for the professional service provided to me, starting with the beryllium sensitivity testing and continuing over a period of time to include my diagnosis of chronic beryllium disease. The dedication of the WHPP program staff at Oak Ridge is unsurpassed."

James Hackworth

“During my WHPP physical exam at Park Med Ambulatory Care Clinic in Oak Ridge, the doctor thought he detected an abdominal aorta aneurysm and recommended that I get it checked.  Follow-up test showed I did have an aneurysm and surgery probably saved my life.  I was a walking time bomb.  I strongly recommend that anyone take advantage of this program!"

David B. Gilliland
K25 GDP, Security Classification Specialist, 1973–1998

“I am a bone cancer survivor. Even though my bone cancer was not diagnosed through the WHPP program, I went to the WHPP Oak Ridge Ground Team for help with my compensation case.  I’d prefer not to have the cancer; but, since I have it, I really appreciate the WHPP local coordinators help with getting the compensation I have received.”

Charles B. Henegar
K25 GDP, Maintenance Mechanic, 1951–1961, 1976-1989

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