What We Do

Medical Screening
WHPP provides a unique opportunity to participate in one of the first coordinated efforts to help former workers (as well as current workers at the GDPs only) address their work-related health concerns. WHPP provides a free medical screening examination to former workers at participating sites (and to both current and former workers at the GDPs only). WHPP screens for chronic lung diseases, such as asbestosis and emphysema, as well as kidney and liver disease and hearing loss. The medical screening is conducted in accordance with the National Medical Protocol established by the Office of Occupational Medicine at DOE. The screenings are conducted at clinics located near participating WHPP sites. Our physicians have expertise in detecting early signs of diseases that may result from work-related exposures to hazardous and/or chemical materials.

Who is Eligible?
You are eligible to participate in our free medical screening program if you worked at one of the participating WHPP sites for 30 days or more (one year if you worked at Nevada Test Site, LLNL, LBNL, or Sandia/CA). The medical screening exam is being offered as a service to former workers (except for the GDPs, where both former and current workers are eligible).

What are the Hazards?
As a former or current worker, you may have been exposed to one or more of the following hazards while on the job:

  Chemicals, such as chlorinated solvents

What Does WHPP Screen for?
The medical screening exam is specifically designed to detect health problems caused by radiation and/or chemical exposures, which may occur at the workplace. The physicians will be looking for diseases such as:

  Hearing loss
  Kidney and liver disease
  Selected cancers

What is Included in the Medical Screening Examination?
The following tests are included in the medical screening, free of charge, to all participants. Participants may refuse any of the tests offered during the screening process.

A physical examination
  Chest X-ray
  Complete blood test
  Beryllium sensitization test (eligible workers only)
  A low-dose CT scan to screen for lung cancer (for former workers who meet specific smoking, work history, age and medical requirements only. Both current and former ORNL,Y-12 and GDP workers may be eligible. Low-dose CT scan is not available for BNL workers)
  Medical and occupational exposure questionnaires

Why is it Important to Enroll?
If you have worked at one of the participating WHPP sites, you may have been exposed to hazardous and/or radioactive materials. As a result, you have a greater chance of developing certain illnesses. This program offers you the opportunity to be examined by a physician with expertise in occupational medicine, who can help evaluate whether your exposures to toxic substances may have caused a work-related illness.

All individual results of this medical screening program are confidential and will not be shared with the DOE or any other party without the participant's written consent.

Where Can I Go to Get My Physical?
At each of the participating WHPP sites, we have contracted with at least two medical facilities to conduct the medical screening exams. We strive to give participants a choice of at least two high-quality medical facilities at each location.

The contracted providers currently include:

  Baptist Health Urgent Care (Paducah, Kentucky)
  Southern Ohio Medical Center (Portsmouth, Ohio)
  Adena Medical Center
  ParkMed Ambulatory Care (Knoxville, Tennessee)
  ParkMed Ambulatory Care (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
  Dr. Shane Machen (Idaho Falls, Idaho)
  Concentra (Dayton, Ohio)
  Concentra (Franklin, Ohio)
  Summit Health Care (Knoxville, Tennessee)
  University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee)
  ParkMed Ambulatory Care (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
  Mercy Health Solutions (Springdale, Ohio)
  McCollough Hyde Urgent Care (Hamilton, Ohio)
  Brookhaven Medical Services of America (Ronkonkoma, New York)
  UNLV Health Family Medicine Clinic (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  Stanford Health Care ValleyCare (Dublin, California)
  Concentra (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  Duke Occupational Health (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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